Gordon Law Office was founded in 2000 when Attorney Kenneth Gordon elected to leave big firm Boston practice so that he could concentrate on the types of clients and cases that fit his style of practice. Located in the heart of Boston’s financial district, next to historic Quincy Market, Gordon Law Office specializes in two areas of the law – employment discrimination and business torts. Litigation of disputes involving employment was a natural fit for Gordon Law Office. Mr. Gordon began his legal career in 1990 as a sports attorney, representing athletes in negotiation and disputes involving professional sports teams and companies who used the athletes to endorse their products. He quickly realized that the type of disputes involving more main stream employment, such as problems facing the work force every day, presented him with an area to make a difference. Gordon Law Group’s specialty in business torts draws from his 10-year experience with large firms such as Perkins, Smith & Cohen, and Parker, Coulter Daily and White. Business torts in which the firm specializes includes securities fraud, construction disputes, condominium disputes, construction litigation, internal issues facing small corporations and other complex matters.

While Gordon Law Office exists as a sole practice, its reach extends far beyond its office walls. Mr. Gordon organized the firm so that he could associate with other specialist in the Boston area to add depth to particular cases when necessary, on a case by case basis. To keep legal costs affordable to its clients, however, these specialists are brought in only when needed. While Gordon Law Office is particularly equipped to service its clients within its specialties, it has the flexibility to identiify fellow attorneys in Massachusetts with particular expertise outside of the firm’s specialty areas, and refer its clients for the best possible representation.