F.G. & F.G.

Dear Ken,

We want you to know that we deeply appreciate the professional and personal manner in which you represented us in that recent difficult situation, as well as the positive financial settlement that you negotiated. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Before meeting you, we labored with the stereotype that taking legal action would give us a lot of grief and cost more than we would get out of it. You dispelled both concerns, by getting the party to settle without dragging it out and running up fees and adding to our anxiety.

Thanks for your professional and personal service.


After several years of fighting for my rights, I have come to appreciate the tenacious way you have protected me and my family. I appreciate how you have been at my side. You have been responsive to my calls, and I value your considered judgment and thoughtful approach.


Thanks, Ken and thank you again for your very professional support!!


Dear Kenneth

Thank you again for your very professional support in this matter! Your responsiveness, professionalism and attention to details were clearly contributors in achieving a settlement meeting my criteria and representing my rights.